The Aquarius: Migrant taxi service or charitable rescuers?


Jul 10, 2007
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If those rescued are genuinely non-combatants, driven out by war, it would be interesting to see a statistical breakdown of the 40,944 migrants who travelled by sea this year, listed by age and gender.

Logically the majority will be children and women, displaced by imminent danger and loss of infrastucture (food, shelter, medicine, etc).

If the majority are males aged between 18-32 then, at risk of appearing sexist or xenophobic, the humanitarian angle for rescuing potential escaping combatants becomes dubious.

If they are simply financially motivated migrants wanting to improve their lives and that of their families, then the issue becomes less clear, but further removed from the humanitarian disaster angle.

It's a bit like helping an old person cross the road, who wouldn't have considered or needed to cross it and visit the bookies otherwise.

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