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Aug 21, 2020
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Hi Lads,

Im struggling at the minute as to when would be best to apply for the RM Officer Role. Primarily in terms of what knowledge I have to have before I apply. Im a pretty fit guy but working on my test scores and running at the minute so hopefully that should come in the next few months. However im struggling to know when to submit my initial application and when my knowledge about the core and my reasons for wanting to join are fully refined enough to be able to apply. Is it just a case of getting fit enough, and then starting to seriously look at core knowledge and reasons for joining once I have applied, or will I have to have a pretty sound knowledge of the core and have my reasons for joining well refined before I even reply. Hope that makes sense and appreciate any advice from any lads in here as to when they decided the right time to apply was. Thanks


Aug 10, 2010
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Mar 15, 2020
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I am in the application process for RM Officer currently (Waiting on an eye test). I had similar doubts, wanting to perfect my Phys and have a good knowledge of all Corp history as well as knowing an extensive amount of what takes place in training and exercises.

Personally my focus was when I wanted to get in and the answer was as soon as I could. With intake being locked on September and very competitive the earliest you would be starting training is September 2021. With just under a year of time you have enough time with consistent training to max out test scores, be in good condition for training and be well brushed up on knowledge (This sentiment is also shared by my Careers advisor).

Once you have applied the joining process is separated into steps, making it easier to know where you need to be in terms of training and knowledge. I'd suggest thinking through your full reasons for joining and getting them on paper, other then that and knowing the basic of what training and the job entails I would apply as some parts of the application can take quite some time (Medicals and Covid).

Don't get daunted by trying to have a full knowledge of the Corp and amazing Phys before you can apply, contradicting that I believe there are only 60 YO spots in a year and only those that are of the correct standard make that cut. I can answer any questions on initial recruitment being only a few steps ahead of you, but this forum has a lot of knowledge far greater then mine if your willing to look for it.

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Apr 6, 2015
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Officers applications are now closed for at least 6 months, as there is in excess of well over 10 intakes worth of applications, so unless you are the very top of the tree in regard what you offer the Royal Marines (not the other way round) unfortunately your chances of even getting in 2021 Sept batch is very slim indeed, so Sept 2022 is the realistic date you are aiming for if not yet applied and even then you will be in the pot with over 500 other applicants unless they all drop out simply put the Royal Marines do not have to advertise for Officers and can pick the very best guys available.