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Ronnie Pickering

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Nov 22, 2020
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Hi all, new member here. Due to start ROP 1st of March. Just been told today I’m TMU after passing everything and meant to be starting training in ten days. Absolutely gutted as you can imagine. I believe capita has made a mistake with paperwork or mixed me up with someone else. I have spoken to my CA who can’t understand why I’ve been made tmu this close to starting training and he said he will have to remove me off the 1st of March intake by Monday unless we can’t sort it out today. I have already emailed capita today about this and spoken to my GP about anything they included in my medical report that might pull me up this close to training.

Just wondering if anyone has had this before and if anyone has any advice of how to get it sorted quickly as it is looking likely I will not start training for another six months as intakes post 1st of March are already filled up



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May 6, 2015
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Try calling them mate.
I had to phone them a few times when they made mistakes.


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Sep 28, 2019
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Hi mate, this happened to me in September about 8 days before ROP.

It all depends entirely on what the issue is so impossible to predict a timescale (other than the earliest next start dates being July now) but for a personal example it ended up being 9 months. Took about 3 months to get the medical stuff sorted and approved by which point it was about a 6 month wait to ROP (starting in May).

It may be quicker for you if you don't need to actually do a proper Med Appeal and just need to provide more information. Again, depends entirely on the issue, but it very well may be a mistake. In my case the main theme of my Appeal letter was that the Capita doctor was wrong and had misread my medical information against JSP950 (the service medical docs), to my surprise when it was Upheld (passed) the RN Doctor that wrote back to me concurred that this was the case and agreed they saw no reason whatsoever that I couldn't start ROP.

Annoying bump in the road but personal advice keep your chin up, keep smashing the phys and learning Corps knowledge, keep the end goal in sight.
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