torso strength


Apr 2, 2012
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hi guys yep another how am i doing type thing

basicly i have got a program for my press-up and pull-ups witch is as follows
5 - incine push-ups
5 - wide push-ups
3 - wide pull-ups
5 - RM (normal) push-ups
5 - close (dimond) push-ups
3 - normal pull-ups
5 - finger tip push-ups
5 - knuckle push-ups
3 - close pull-ups

30 sec break then again but 7 and 5 then 45 sec break then again (7 +5) then 30 sec break and first set this is my own program i made with help from the training fitness sheet

all pull-up over arm grip

i know that this is quite good as it hits lods of the mucle groups but got cold feet abit as to if this is helping or weather i should be doing 20X4 push ups and 5X4 pull ups

please help bit lost need to talk to some one who knows what to do