Training now finished!


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Sep 22, 2008
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Today I may go for a PRMC style 3 miler, even though I was out late lastnight at my sisters film premier so I didn't get to sleep about 7am this morning.

I feel ok though. Yesterday I went for a run and it was real sluggish, I've got to improve. Maybe it's fatigue but if I don't decide to go for a run today, then my training is now finished and I wait upon this PRMC that I am massively flapping.

So as were not training now, we must eat good foods, get good fluids down us and get good sleep. Avoid *text deleted**text deleted*ty foods and alcohol as we won't be burning it off.

Anyway lads, if today is your last training day then don't let it dishearten you if you don't perform. Probably fatigue.

Best of luck guys!


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Sep 19, 2008
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amen to that brother... did my last 3 miler yesterday and felt *text deleted**text deleted*e.. couldn't get my head in the zone... and for the rest of teh day i was feeling *text deleted**text deleted*e...

had a good chat last night with the old man over a curry and feeling eager to get down there with you boys and really give it my all.

only 2 days until we're down there now lads... will fly by

looking forward to meeting you all

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