Underwater Warfare.


Jul 10, 2007
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Two particularly interesting things about the article for me:

1. The apparent continuing need for "deniable" combat ops. Something I don't fully understand but it's something that appears to let politicians off the hook with regard accountability & legitimacy at the irrelevant cost of those directed to undertake the task. Why does it matter? Imagine if Sgt Blackman was undertaking a deniable SF operation ...presumably the government would still prosecute a person acting outside the law whilst under ministerial direction but not hold the minister(s) to account for ordering an operation outside the law.

2. The fact that the US are still coming to terms with the effectiveness of small teams acting covertly, nearly eighty years after Italian frogmen demonstrated it in both Egypt and Gibtaltar. Carpet bombing SF operatives into a military theatre is hardly covert. Who knew?