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    Jun 15, 2017
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    Bad day today lads. Done a PJFT, on around 5mins I was exhausted, its no excuse, my mentality dropped, On the return I came in at 10.47mins. Kept trying to push my self and must have upped the speed and back down for the last 5 mins about 29 times.

    Have roughly about 8 weeks to knock off 47seconds, my question is, is 8 weeks enough time to knock that amount off with strict training.

    In My weekly training programme I am going to include the following runs (all best efforts)

    1 mock PJFT

    1 6miler

    1 40 min run for distance

    1 3miler

    I am stuck between whether to do hill sprints or intervals on the treadmill, what do you think and how should I do them?

    Any further tips and answers would be highly appreciated lads, or any changes to my plan or other exercises to include/replace. really want to crack this with a hoofing time!???
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    Mar 27, 2017
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    Can I ask if you’ve passed the medical how do you have 8 weeks to do the pjft or is it your 2nd attempt?
    People train differently it’s what ever suits them in all honest so you should try do what suits you.

    As you said your only 47 seconds off the mark and your finishing the return so that’s still a positive to take from it.

    It’s hard to give you tips in regards to the PJFT I have mine in 2 weeks and I’m going to come across as stubborn or over confident if it did backfire but I haven’t even tried a mock PJFT on the treadmill.
    I’ve seen so many posts on this forum from people who have trained for months on treadmills and still fail the PJFT even tho they can run it comfortable outside , It’s ment to be hard to show you have the mentality to go to prmc and not give up.

    When you lower the speed what’s the 1st thing that comes to your mind when you do it?

    Your legs are giving in?
    You can’t catch your breath?
    Your telling yourself you can’t do it?

    Still tho looking at what you said yourself your mentality dropped so I’d assume you were telling yourself you couldn’t keep up and that’s where you hit a wall.

    On the day when the P.I is watching you (preferably a woman) the thought of failure and giving up will give you the adrenaline to pass it no doubt!

    So keep what your doing you have plenty of time!

    Good luck
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    Jan 14, 2017
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    Hey man,

    PJFT is something that starting off with should not be under estimated at all, I think that is the first hurdle that a lot of people that fail first time going into. Personally I never struggled on a treadmill because whenever I run I naturally just go into this weird place where I just run but on the day the pressure, climate, what you ate this morning matters.

    8 weeks is more then enough time to knock off 47 seconds (You could probably knock it off in less time). Maybe it is not a physical thing but a mental thing, running on the treadmill be determined and don't doubt yourself and if you do (It happens) just keep pushing on getting through each stage of the run. If you are feeling tired and you want to stop, ram up the speed. I scrapped my PJFT when I did it, I did mine when it was about 22 degrees after a 2 hour haul car journey from North Wales to chester. Kept myself hydrated, well fed with a lot of food such as cereal, toast and tea in the morning and a banana about 25 minutes before we got to the place.

    Was struggling on the first run with trying to pace myself the best I could, the guy who was running it set a speed and said if I kept to that speed I should make it. Half way through I was looking at the distance and time and felt the pressure rammed the speed up to something I felt was more natural (From training at the gym and doing the math on timings with KM and stuff but that's personal and 100% not necessary) and clocked in a 12:29 on the first run. The break I just kept the treadmill on walking speed had some water and got ready for the next run, was running faster then the highest speed of the first run, then toned it down halfway through a little because I felt my legs being to hurt and I looked at the clock again feeling that pressure, so I panicked and rammed the speed up to about if I can remember 16km h and scrapped the second run a 9:50.

    Its boring, its shite but you have to do it to be a Royal Marines and thousands have done it before you, keep your head up, keep yourself motivated and do it for those who you do it for (But more importantly yourself).

    As for training programmes hit up @arny01 he knows best and will be I'm sure more than happy to help!

    Good luck my man!
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    Feb 19, 2017
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    Do a mock PJFT once or twice a week for these next 8 weeks until you retake. I’ve not done my PJFT yet but in my opinion DON’T fiddle about with speeds. When you mess about with speeds is when it gets confusing and you realise with 30 seconds to go you’re not going to finish in time.

    Stick it on a speed and keep with it until that last 400m sprint. Get into the mindset you’d rather fly off the end of the treadmill into the granny on the cross trainer behind you than bring it down.

    Then, every mock increase the speed of that first 2km by 0.1/0.2kph. In 5 sessions you’ll have progressed to running it 1kph faster and you won’t even notice any difference because it’s gradual!

    Good luck

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