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    Hi Guys
    Thought Id post some info on VC winners because there isnt that much...

    Corporal John Prettyjohn RM
    2nd November 1854 – Crimea
    Reported for gallantry at the Battle of Inkerman.

    Bombardier Thomas Wilkinson RMA
    5th June 1855 – Crimea
    Specially recommended for gallantry during the siege of Sebastopol.

    Lieutenant George Dare Dowell RMA
    13th July 1855 – Viborg, Baltic Sea
    Proceeded under heavy fire to bring a cutter’s crew to safety.

    Captain Lewis Stratford Tollemache Halliday RMLI
    24th June 1900 – Peking Legations Boxer Rebellion
    Led 20 Marines, engaged the enemy and received severe injuries. He went on to kill three assailants.

    Lance-Corporal Walter Richard Parker RMLI
    1st May 1915 – Portsmouth Battalion Gallipoli
    Displayed conspicuous gallantry under heavy and accurate enemy fire when leading his men to recover casualties.

    Major Francis William Harvey RMLI
    31st May 1916 – HMS LION, Battle of Jutland
    Whilst mortally wounded, with great presence of mind and devotion to duty he saved his ship.

    Major Frederick William Lumsden DSO RMA
    April 1917 – Weston Front
    He personally led four artillery teams and a party of infantry through a hostile barrage to recover six enemy guns.

    Captain Edward Bamford DSO RMLI
    24th April 1918 – 4th Battalion RMLI Zeebrugge
    Under heavy fire, he displayed great initiative in the command of his company and by his total disregard for danger set a magnificent example to his men.

    Sergeant Norman Augustus Finch RMA
    23rd April 1918 – RMA Detachment Zeebrugge
    Serverly wounded during heavy fire, he continued to direct fire onto the enemy positions. He showed consummate bravery by remaining in his battered and exposed position.

    Corporal Thomas Peck Hunter RM
    3rd April 1945 – 43 Commando Lake Comacchio
    He charged alone across open ground to attract enemy fire, allowing the rest of his troop to clear buildings of the enemy.

    Hope it helps !
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    this is brilliant I was looking for this. I knew about peck hunter but the rest I was yet to find
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    I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to double check regarding Maj Lumsden. On here and on wikipedia and other sites i looked at it says he was RMA yet in the handout and Corps knowledge booklet I was given by my AFCO it states he was part of the RMLI. Could that just be a typo or easy mistake?

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