Visit to Viking Squadron - Cdo Logs, Bovington


Jul 10, 2007
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Viking Squadron (VS) Royal Marines will host a one-day experience visit at Stanley Barracks on Wed 31 Jan 18 to provide potential Royal Marines with an insight into life in a RM Unit.

Candidates must already be in the selection process to join the Royal Marines and will have the opportunity to get hands-on exposure to current equipment and vehicles whilst also interacting with serving Royal Marines. Due to the fact accommodation cannot be provided and the day starts at 09:30 - places are limited to those travelling from the South and South West of UK.

Dress & Equipment. Dress for the duration of the visit is civilian attire suitable for outdoor activity. The following items are essential:

Outdoor jacket
Warm top
Water bottle
Sturdy shoes/boots
Wash kit
Change of clothing (in case of wet weather)

Personal entertainment (books, iPods etc, brought at the candidates’ own risk)

Travel. Travel on public transport will be organised by candidates’ respective Careers Office.

Feeding. Lunch will be eaten in the Stanley Barracks all-ranks dinner hall. This is a ‘Pay-as-you-dine’ facility so individuals are to bring cash (lunch costs £1.94). Ranks requiring additional meals are to inform their Careers Office. Candidates must also notify their Careers Office of any specific dietary requirements.

INTERESTED? Contact your AFCO!

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