vPJFT + ROP - Year and Half till applying


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Jul 2, 2020
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Hi all.

I'm wanting to finish my apprenticeship before applying, im currently 19 years old and am slightly lost with the fitness side of things.

I can currently do 30/36 push ups to the bleep, around 40 situps and about 5/6 pull ups to the bleep and comfortably completed one round of the vPJFT as a tester...

If I make it through the whole application process, my aim is to max out on them scores at then end of ROP.

My question is, because I'm so far off of applying, should I still train to get max scores or train specifically for the vPJFT? I feel like JUST training for the vPJFT will not take much time at all, and then I dont want to be left with a couple months before ROP to achieve max scores.

How would you guys train if you were in my situation?


PS - What training works for you? I have been doing push ups every other day, sets to failure, 1 in the morning, 2 throughout the day and 1 before bed and saw an increase from 30/32 to 36/39 however it has now dropped back to 30.....


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Sep 8, 2019
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Definitely don’t just do one or the other.

The vPJFT is a test of multiples aspects. You need a decent level of cardiovascular fitness, decent muscular endurance/strength in the four exercises. As well as good form! Don’t forget that!

You need to be doing these at the very least: running, press ups, sit ups, pull ups, swimming.

Additional things would be, core circuits, leg circuits, strength training (weights).

What I did was do a mock vPJFT before my Press/Sit/Pull ups circuit. Every other day! Over time you’ll build up a tolerance and you’ll have to increase volume or add weight (weight vest).

Like with everything you must be consistent to notice progress, stay on top of it and put in the work, sleep well and make sure you’re fueling and hydrating your body.
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Jul 20, 2020
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Coming from a strength and conditioning standpoint. As a rule of thumb which is used for everyone from people joining the military to Olympic athletes. Start off by improving your general strength and fitness. This means running for longer distances and hitting the gym starting off light to get the tendons and accessory muscles strong and then start by doing the main exercises to build up your frame so bench press, farmers carries, deadlift and squat. Doing these in conjunction with running will build up your total body strength and endurance which is what we want. Next phase in a strength and conditioning program after general strength prep phase is specific prep phase so that's putting on more weight to get maximum strength rather than hypertrophy and work on those same exercises as well as muscles that are weaker or used more in recruit training or for your PJFT although they should be sufficiently strong by this stage. As we get closer to the PJFT/ ROP in the Pre competition phase, we introduce high velocity power lifting so things like power cleans and plyometrics to get the muscles firing faster and then a few weeks of power before your various tests and you will be a perfectly conditioned athlete following Seyle's general adaptation syndrome. Obviously it's a bit complex and excessive but the thing to take from it is whilst focusing on just knocking out 60 push ups, 85 sit ups may get you to your goal. By doing general strength first and building up your frame then you will find everything thrown at you a lot easier and find doing press ups etc easier.

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