Warped Big Game 2008


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Jan 16, 2008
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alright lads, i dont think any of you know but anyway. i have been playin paintball as my hobby for about 3 years i have all my own gear and things. there is a big game which is the biggest game of the year which involves 1000 people where we all group together and have a MASSIVE brawl. im *text deleted* put a team together which is going to involve about 20 people.

ONE problem you need to have all your own gear.... if u are some what short of a few bits i can lend u some aslong as i know *text deleted* not *text deleted* rob me !! haha

so yeah, if any of you are intrested drop me a pm for more details, its *text deleted* be a right laugh

if u want to check the website out look here - http://www.hostagebiggame.com/tickets.asp