Water Tunnel?


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Jul 1, 2009
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is that tunnel in the advert really just made up? the completely submerged one where he gets his leg stuck?

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but thank god for this!

The only part of training/POC I was scared about... the advert scared me a wee bit!


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Jul 10, 2010
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Sorry to bring up an old thread, but thank god for this!

The only part of training/POC I was scared about... the advert scared me a wee bit!

Me too mate. Suppose they put it in the advert to scare the heck outta us and probably to enforce the 99.99% need not apply haha!


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Sep 14, 2009
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dont think it is there to scare you, after all they WANT new recruits!
thats how they spend upto ?3k per ad campaign for it, it only pays for itself if they get the new recruits it is aimed at.
If they wanted to make an advert that actively put off recruits signing up it would be full of afghan amputees and widows surely?

rather than scare people of it is supposed to inspire folk to say "im sure i can do that" "I WANT TO PROVE TO MYSELF I CAN DO THAT!"

the actual tunnel itself is stinking filthy, the mud run to the top seems to seep down into the water there, but the tunnel itself is probably only a little longer than the average males body.
the water tunnel shouldnt worry you, its your oppos switching off or freezing when it comes to pushing you in our pulling you out where the danger lies.

when i done it i went under and expected my oppo to push me through, no hand on my belt or *text deleted**text deleted* was forthcoming and i ended up hanging mid entry then having to backtrack and come out, i thought i was going to get a roasting for refusing to go through but luckily the corporals were watching and realised the lad supposed to be feeding me through had effed up.
he put me through the second time, weakly i should add, i had to scramble at the bottom for purchase to get out the other end and when i surfaced the corporals were still berating him.
I put my other oppo thorugh (the one who pulled me out when i went through) and the lad at the other end switched off again!
I ended up under the tunnel again pushing the lad id just flung through as hard as i could by his boots to get him out.

I thought that they were going to blame me for it for being too quick or something but the lads in the grots said that even the sergeant and two corporals jumped in the water to give this guy a roasting for his lack of action.

he probably wasnt a bad lad, maybe just nerves about going under the water got to him as it really isnt for everyone.
theres no need to be worried for it though, so long as you can hold your breath for about 5 seconds and trust your oppos dont want you to drown then you will be fine. haha.

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