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Jul 10, 2007
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I agree with your post but am wondering where did you experience this or are you just assuming? I'm sure it happens sometimes but the rest of the time I imagine people move on with their lives.
The first paragraph of the quoted post indicates approximately half of those leaving Recruit Training, re-apply to join. Statistically, this is what we witness working in the AFCO's as recruiters and re-interviewing those rejoining.

Obviously, some re-apply as soon as possible some later in life (often just before they reach the upper age cut-off). It is difficult to measure accurately as many have a 16 year window of opportunity to rejoin. Many opt to join the RMR, having been bitten by the bug, but with an established higher paid Civilian job and family responsibilities which they must put first.

Undoubtedly there will be a good number who do not regret it and we do not hear their stories about how well they have done without ever looking back as they are busy forging forward in their new careers.

One thing I do come across at public military events is many veterans (Yes, former recruits get a veteran's badge, too! ) will have a chat, declare they left the Corps as a recruit but even that helped them in their future career. Many say that had their current circumstances been different, they would rejoin in a heartbeat.

In short, we only get feedback from those wishing to rejoin or reminisce, which is a higher percentage than those leaving and never looking back.
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