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Sep 16, 2017
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Is leave the same for marines and marine officers during training? My boyfriend did about 16 weeks in regular marine training last year before getting medically discharged and I seem to remember I was able to see him every Saturday and Sunday but he had to be back at 12am on Saturday at the beginning and then 2am later in training and 8pm on a Sunday (I live near exeter to he was able to get to me really easily)

He’s thinking of going back in as a young officer next year - will this leave be the same or will he be able to get the whole weekend off? He said he thought officers for whole weekends off in training (so could leave Saturday and return Sunday) but wasn’t 100% sure


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Jul 20, 2015
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They have more privileges, but not every weekend. Officers can sign on a wife or long term partner for a weekend with prior permission. If I remember correctly.

And the weekend leave you do get, OR or Officers, is a privilege, not a right. And can be taken away.

That goes the same for being at a Unit. Weekend leave is usually given, but it doesn't have to be and can be taken away.