What 3 words how it saved our dofe silvers


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Jan 14, 2021
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I highly recommend downloading what 3 words essentially What3words points to a very specific location. Its developers divided the world into 57 trillion squares, each measuring 3m by 3m and each having a unique, randomly assigned three-word address.
Now here is the story on how it helped during our dofe silver

We were on our dofe silver hike. All was going well until a particular plank of the group decided to suggest to go off route to beat the other groups. Everyone being the idiots they were agreed. 1 hour into our “off routing” the karma got to the particular plank and he injured his ankle pretty badly. I offered to run ahead and call for help, but we were so far off route we couldn't find anyone. There was also conveniently no service. Even though i resented this option we had to call 999.i didnt want to waste there time on an idiot but at the same time, the terrain and route would be too difficult to carry him back to where people would be. So we called them, and when they asked for our location we had no clue where we were. But due to my immense brain power, and smartness i had already had the app downloaded, and told them our unique 3 word location. Within minutes a helicopter came and picked the plank up. We got to ride in a cool off roader and were brought back to like a mountain resque place where we were had tea and biscuits.


Feb 21, 2007
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It's a really good app for safety purposes, I have it too. I downloaded it last year after hearing emergency call centre workers recommending it.

I'd urge others to download it before they go anywhere, because it will take a good few minutes to download it, minutes they or others in a group may not have.

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