What can I get to make myself look better in my recruitment form?


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Apr 7, 2012
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Hi, I?m a 16 year old PRM (So I?m not there quite yet) who is already considering his options in the Marines.

I?m from Canada and I?m in a bit of a tight spot.

I got one year (and a little bit) left in high school with good marks in biology, chemistry, english, and social stuff.

For my last year I?m in the Process of trying to join the reserves (territorials to all you Brits) and their just doing the security check now.

I?m pretty ambitious; I?m a Sgt. in cadets, I got most of my lifeguarding stuff together, and I?m starting scuba and skydiving, as well as achieving a high degree of fitness.

I know that the British government is cutting down spending on the armed forces, and that because of this the Navy (as well as the Marines) is cutting down recruiting.

What can I do to make myself look better on the recruitment form? (Since I don?t have dual citizenship and I know that if there is 1 spot on the PRMC they will choose the British citizen over me) What attributes can I attain that are favorable? Specifically, what makes me look better to be a Reconnaissance Operator?


Jul 10, 2007
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As an equal opportunities employer, we categorically do not differentiate on grounds of nationality, the best get the job regardless.

The application form is used to establish eligibility rather than suitability, so short of telling the truth, the selection process establishes suitability.

There are more places available than suitable applicants mainly due to lack of physical & mental maturity, so fitness & attitude are the areas in which successful applicants achieve their aspirations.

Good luck