Why you won't get in ?

Robbie Spice

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Apr 21, 2008
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What are the reasons why you wouldn't qualify for the marine corps ?

Fail medical
Been in Jail (i know that doesn't always not let u in)
Too short

what else is there ?

if you were once in a mental home ?


ohh yeah , if you're a woman :P


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Mar 23, 2008
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If you tell your AFCO, "Well, I wanted to be a Para, but the line over at that desk was a bit too long, so I thought I'd join you lot instead."


Jul 10, 2007
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There are significantly more reasons to fail than pass.

For example:

Unspent criminal convictions

Outside the age limits

Outside the Nationality & residency limits
Serious debt (bankruptcy, CCJs or default notices)

Fail Recruiting Test

Fail Selection Interview

Fail Security clearance

Fail eyesight test

Fail Medical

Unable to provide references

Fail Pre-Joining Fitness Test

Insufficient determination to complete a course of training. (could
include ex-servicemen who have previously failed training)

A poor attitude to authority and the civil police and would rather
obstruct than help them to carry out their duties.

If the person is unwilling to work as indicated in poor school reports, job records or references or if sacked from a number of jobs or has left without good reason.

Not demonstrating the physical ability required for training.

Indifference to and no enthusiasm for his job.

Someone who has never lived away from home, has never experienced
being apart from their family and has given little thought to it.

No outside interests or activities.

Clear signs that he has failed to adapt to changing circumstances or to cope with stress and it seems unlikely that this has changed.

Had poor relationships with authority, May have had an extremely poor truancy record.

If likely to react adversely to Service discipline especially during

Evidence of dishonesty, wilful disobedience or law-breaking.

If deliberately evasive during interview and it is felt that information is being withheld ie: dishonest.

Contrary to what people may advise, honesty at interview is by far the best method. If someone has committed a transgression it would probably be viewed more favourably if they demonstrated remorse rather than indignation.